Antique prints about 100 years old. Click on top two thumbnails for full image.
Many sent by other throwers; credits unknown.*


The following 14 images are of Sig G. Arcaris. For more information about this turn-of-the-century
performer please visit the forensic genealogy site of Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick.

Knife Thrower - Cabinet Cards - Knife Throwing - Antique Photography. This cabinet card has captured this mans knife throwing act. On the back it is written in period pencil, Mr. Arcaris and Niece Miss Rosie from Italy. The knives surround Rosie and the throwing axes are laying in front of her. The photographer was Ginther, Buffalo, N.Y., 333 Main St., 101- 103 Genesee Street.

Photo Courtesy of the Arcaris Family