I've posted a new story in blade_slinger2002 file. Yes that is me. And yes I changed my Id. Don't ask why. The story is listed as Sherry. The story is rather erotic, so be warned. I wrote it at the request of The Great Throwdini who has contributed much to this group. He wanted to see a story written from the knife thrower's point of view. Well, this story is written from this former knife thrower's point of view.


A Forbidden Desire   By Blade_Slinger2200


                           After you read this tale, you may decide that this story should never have been written.  To be honest with you, I wouldn’t have written it, but I

needed to get what I've done out in the open.  I needed to get the weight of my guilt off my chest.You see I’ve been doing something that is totally unforgivable.  I’ve been having inappropriate thoughts about my best friend’s wife.  I know you’re probably thinking that isn’t so bad.  After all, we all have thoughts like that from time to time.  But it wasn’t an occasional thought.  It was a full blown obsession.  It got to be so bad that I would find any excuse I could to be close to Sherry.

When I went to visit, I’d volunteer to help with the dishes.  We’d stay in the kitchen, and chat for more than an hour. 

I know I shouldn’t have been entertaining such thoughts, but I couldn’t help it.  Sherry is a knockout.  I mean she is a drop dead gorgeous woman. 

Sherry could make a potato sack look good.  She has long blond hair, and deep blue eyes.  She has a smile that will melt snow in January.  Sherry stands at a little over five foot seven, and has a body that would make a Barbie doll green with envy.  I would struggle to control my desires, but I couldn’t help neither did Sherry.  Or so I thought. 

Then last Month the unexpected happened.  It was a warm Saturday afternoon, and I was over at Bob and Sherry’s house.  I had brought my throwing knives and practice board with me.  (I’m an armature knife thrower.)  Bob and I had spent most of the afternoon in the basement throwing knives.  Bob is a pretty good thrower, but to be honest with you, I’m better.  I’ve been told I’m good enough to throw professionally.  But I’ve never seriously considered throwing knives for a living.

                           As we were throwing, the phone rang.  Bob answered it, talked for a few minutes, then hung up the phone.  Sherry came down stairs.  She had been lying out by their pool, and was wearing a white string bikini that barely covered her private parts.   I had to turn away to keep from drooling over her incredible body.“Who was that, honey?”  She asked. “That was the office.  One of our clients isn’t happy with the presentation I made to him, and he wants to discuss some changes.  Unfortunately he wants to discuss them now.”I immediately began to pack up my equipment.  Sherry noticed what I was doing and stopped me.

“Jim, you don’t have to leave.  It shouldn’t take Bob more than a couple of hours to satisfy his client. Once he takes care of the client, he’ll

come back, then you two can continue practicing your knife throwing.”  “Yeah, there’s no need for you to go.  I’ll just be an hour or two.”“Ok, if you don’t mind me hanging around.”  I said, hoping that I didn’t sound as anxious as I was feeling. Bob left for his office, and I continued to practice.  As I threw the

knives, I began to fantasize about Sherry.  I’d imagine us locked in an erotic embrace, as we made love by the pool.  The images in my mind were so strong that I nearly broke a basement window when I missed the six foot tall board completely. 

“Get a grip, Jim.”  I muttered.  I picked up the knife, returned to the board, and pulled the rest of the knives from the wood.  As I moved to return to my throwing spot, I saw Sherry standing on the bottom step.  She was still wearing the string bikini.  She was also wearing a very inviting smile.

“You’re very good with those knives.  I don’t know how many times Bob has said you ought to perform professionally.”“Thank you,” I managed to say without stammering. Sherry strode past me, and walked over to the board.  She ran her hands along the rough surface.  I let my gaze soak in her beautiful body.  I knew I shouldn’t be looking at her like that, but my eyes refused to turn away. Sherry turned to face me, her body now centered with the board.“I think you’d make a terrific knife thrower.  You’re tall and handsome, and you have a dynamic personality.” 

Sherry stepped back, and placed her body against the knife board.  “If only you had an assistant to stand here, as you threw your knives.” My nerves turned to jelly.  I dropped three knives to the floor.  Sherry smiled at me.  It was a wonderful smile. “You've dropped your knives.”I bent over and picked up the knives.  When I straightened up, I saw a sight that nearly made me drop my knives a second time. Sherry had positioned her body so that she was in a classic human target pose.  Her body, was straight, and her left knee was slightly bent.  Sherry had spread her arms wide, and was clutching the sides of the board.  “You can throw your knives at me if you want. ”  Her invitation sent chills up my spine.  I stood there staring at the woman I’d desired for years, and suddenly all I wanted to do was run.                             I weakly nodded.  I drew a knife from the bunch that I held in my right hand.  I took careful aim, and threw the blade.  The weapon sank into the board, a mere half inch from Sherry’s shapely calf.  Sherry, moaned in pleasure.

“Throw them closer, Jim.  I want to feel the knives graze my skin.”I threw the next knife close to her other calf.  The blade slid along her skin.  Sherry closed her eyes, and a very passionate expression crossed her face.I threw two more blades.  The knives pinned her incredible thighs to the board.  Sherry had this far away look on her face, as the blades sank in the wood around her legs.“Can you cut my bikini off?”“What?”  I asked, not quite sure that I’d heard her right.“ I want you to undress me with your throwing knives.” I’d heard her right.  “Won’t Bob wonder what happened to your bikini?“

Her smile became even more inviting.  “I have another one just like it.”                          

I struggled to keep my hands steady as I threw the next two knives.  As

Sherry stood there, the front of her bikini bottom suddenly fell forward, exposing her crotch.  I wanted to grab her and take her right then and there. 

Sherry spread her legs a little, and then tilted her hips slightly forward. The cut up bikini bottom fell to the floor.Sherry’s began to breath more deeply as her obvious excitement increased.  Her breasts swelled with each intake of air.  “Don’t stop,” She said, almost in a whisper.I threw two more knives.  The blades had skimmed along her sides, dead even with her navel.  I realized that it was time to cut her top off.  I intently studied the spots where the knives would have to land.  I quickly realized that if I aimed a hair too high, I’d hit Sherry in the underarm.  I took very careful aim, and hoped beyond hope that I didn’t miss.  I threw the first knife.  It sank in the wood, just beneath the bikini strap.  I’d thrown too low.  I carefully aimed the next knife, and threw it. 

I held my breath as the blade slid just under her arm, and through the tiny string that held the top to her upper body.  The top drooped on her left side, exposing Sherry’s left breast.  I gritted my teeth, as I took in the beauty of her mostly exposed body.  I threw the next two knives around her neck and shoulders.  The first blade had cut into the top string, but it didn’t cut through.  The second knife hit it’s mark perfectly.  Sherry leaned forward slightly.  The tiny bikini top fell from Sherry’s body, leaving her very nude, and very vulnerable.  I glanced down at my right hand.  I still held three knives in my hand.  I quickly threw two of them.  They landed on either side of her cheeks. The blades were buried in her long blond hair.  I threw the last knife above her head.  The blade slid along the part in her hair.  Sherry stood there for the longest time, not wanting to move.  I wanted to run forward and take her in my arms, but I held very still. 

                           Finally, after several minutes, Sherry stepped away from the board, took me by the hand, and then led me upstairs to the guest bedroom, where we made love.  Later that afternoon, Bob returned form his meeting.  We practiced for a few more hours.  I struggled with the shame I was feeling.  I’d done the unthinkable, and now I was filled with shame.  I finally made up an excuse, and went home.  I was so ashamed of what I’d done, that I couldn‘t look Bob, or Sherry in the face. 

                           I haven’t gone back over to Bob’s house since then.  He’s invited me over several times, but I’ve made  excuses not to.  I can’t face him now.  Not after what I’ve done.  I still practice with my throwing knives.  But now, much to my shame, when I do practice, I see Sherry standing in front of the board in all her naked glory.


The End


The Pledge By blade_slinger2002


It was a Friday night, in early September.  18 year old Julia Carlisle stood in line with twelve other pledges, as The Delta Kappa girls stood around them.  Monica Andrews, who was the leader of the sorority stood in front of the new pledges, looking them over.“Is this the best Delta Pi has to pick from?”  She said disdainfully.  “We’d be better off with a cage full of mice.”The Kappa girls laughed at the cruel remark.

                           Julia wanted to slap the snooty witch for her comment, but remained silent.  She decided it would be worth putting up with Monica’s mouth, to get in to the Deltas.Monica continued.  “Here’s your final challenge.  You have one week to do something that is totally outrageous, and very dangerous.  And I do mean outrageous.  I don’t care what you do, as long as it is something wild, and dangerous.  Also you have to bring back proof that you did it.  preferably a video tape.  Any pledge that fails to do something wild and dangerous is disqualified.” Monica stopped in front of Julia.  “Does everyone understand?All twelve girls said, “Yes Ma’am.”Monica smiled an evil smile.  “Dismissed.”

                           Julia left the sorority house, wondering if being a Delta Pi was worth all this.  She knew it was.  She’d been offered a chance to pledge with Sigma Pi, but she didn’t want to be in any other sororities.  She wanted to be a Delta.The next morning Julia got up and immediately started working on fulfilling her pledge challenge.  She bought a newspaper, hoping to find something in there.  It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for.She found an ad in the entertainment section.

                           The Great Throwdini will be appearing at The Abracadabra Club for the next ten days, starting tonight.  Tickets to the show start at thirty dollars.  Each night’s show will begin at 7pm, and 9pm.Julia stared at the ad for several seconds.  “This will work.”  Julia muttered.  “All I have to do is convince this Throwdini guy to let me stand in front of his knife board, while he throws knives at me.” Julia threw the paper down.  This is nuts!!!  There has got to be a better way of becoming a Delta Pi.” Julia picked up the paper, and continued to scan it.  She found nothing.  As she sat there, considering her options,  she looked down at the newspaper.  She slowly opened the paper to the ad. “Girl, do you want to be a Delta Pi this badly?”

                           Julia knew the answer.  She called the club, and reserved a ticket for the second show. That night she watched the knife throwing act with a mixture of fear, and wonder.  She couldn’t understand how the young woman standing in front of the board could be so calm.  Julia began to imagine herself in front of the board.  The image gave her a sinking feeling in her stomach.  She didn’t know if she could go through with it.

                           After the nine oclock show was over, Julia slipped back stage, and approached Throwdini. “Excuse me,  could I have a few minutes of your time?” Throwdini turned to face Julia.  “Certainly, what can I do for you?” Julia drew in a deep breath, cleared her throat, and blurted it out. “Throw knives at me. ”Throwdini chuckled.  “Somehow I knew that you were going to say that.  Let me guess, you’ve wanted to be a knife thrower’s assistant since you were a little girl.”“Actually, no.  I need to do something that is outrageous, and dangerous by next Friday night.”

                           Throwdini gave the young woman a quizzical look. Monica explained her circumstances to Throwdini.  He shook his head and chuckled. Let me ask you something.  does the idea of standing in front of a knife board frighten you?” Julia smiled sheepishly.  “To be honest with you, the thought of standing in front of that board, and letting you throw knives at me is terrifying.” “Yet you’re willing to go through with it just to get into a sorority?”

                           Julia nodded. “Be here tomorrow morning at ten am.  And wear something snug.  You don’t want to get pinned to the board because of loose  clothing.”     Julia thanked him, and left the back stage area. “Wait till the Misses hears this one.”  Throwdini muttered as he watched Julia leave.

                           The next morning, Julia entered the club through the rear entrance.  She was wearing a leotard, skin tone tights, and a pair of  ballet slippers. 

She had a video camera bag slung over her shoulder.  She found Throwdini onstage, warming up his throwing arm.   Julia nearly turned and ran, as the

knife thrower hurled one knife after another into the board. As he threw the final knife, he looked up at her. “I see you’re ready to go.” “Ready, and willing.”  Julia’s smile was forced, and not very convincing. “Set your video camera up over there, and point it toward the Wheel of Death.” Julia started to lower the camera, when she realized what Throwdini had just said.  “Wheel of Death?  You‘re going to strap me to?”  Julia pointed to the wheel. “You did say that the stunt had to be dangerous, and outrageous.  The wheel is my most outrageous looking stunt.” Julia stared at the terrifying device.  Suddenly, being a Sigma Pi didn’t seem like such a bad choice.

                           “If you’d rather not, I’ll understand.  I was just trying to be helpful.”Julia started to decline, when she remembered Monica’s snide remark about being a mouse. “No, I think the wheel will clinch it for me.”  Julia set her camera up, turned it on, and then approached the wheel. “What do I do?”

Throwdini gripped the side of the wheel, and then held out his hand.  “Stand with your back to the board, hold tightly to my hand, and then

step up.Throwdini helped Julia into place, then ran the strap around her waist. Julia stood still, as Throwdini tightened the strap. Throwdini stepped to the side of the wheel, took hold of the edge, and looked up at Julie.

                           “Are you ready?”Julia gritted her teeth, and then nodded. Throwdini began to spin the wheel.  He gave it several hard turns, then stepped back.  Julia felt a wave of dizziness hit her, as she spun on the wheel.  She wanted to close her eyes, but didn’t dare take her eyes off of Throwdini.  She groaned as Throwdini picked up the knives, squared himself, and began to throw them at the board.  Julia could feel the vibration of the knives hitting the board.  She held totally still, too terrified to even breath.  The blades hit the wheel, one at a time.  four to her left, and four to her right.             

After what seemed like an eternity, Throwdini threw the last knife.  Julia breathed a sigh of relief as the blade sank into the wood, next to her right shoulder. Throwdini quickly stopped the board’s spin, and helped Julia down.  She nearly collapsed from fear and dizziness. “I do believe that qualifies as dangerous and outrageous.”  Throwdini smiled at the dizzy woman.  “And if any of your sorority friends would like to disagree with you, tell them to come on down, and give the wheel a try.”

                           The following Friday, each of the pledges showed the videos of their stunts.  Only eight of the pledges had returned.  Each girl had performed a fairly dangerous stunt, that contained some risk.  One girl was holding what she claimed was a rattle snake.  Unfortunately for her, one of the Delta Pi’s was studying to be a zoologist, and recognized it as a gopher snake.  One girl did manage to lie on the railroad tracks as a train bore down on her.  Although snooty Monica felt she could have stayed there a few seconds longer.  But the group did recognize it as dangerous. Finally, it was Julia‘s turn.  Julia slipped her tape into the VCR. “I had a little help with this stunt.  The man who helped me said that if anyone wanted to say this stunt isn’t dangerous enough they can come down to the club, and try it themselves.”  Julia pressed play.  The sorority girls all sat in awe as Throwdini hurled knife after knife at Julia’s spinning body.  Needless to say, Julia is now a Delta Pi.


The end.


Knives for Katherine  

by Blade_slinger2002    


Katherine Harris sat transfixed as she watched the incredible display of knifeman ship.  She watched in amazement, and excitement, as Throwdini hurled knife after knife at Morrigan, his lovely assistant.  Katherine could feel her heart pounding, as she watched the dangerous display.  Each throw seemed to place Morrigan in great peril.  Katherine found herself wishing that it was her standing in front of the board.          


Twenty minutes later, Throwdini, and his Morrigan took their bows, and left the stage.  The audience gave them a thunderous ovation.  Katherine stared at the now empty knife board.  She wanted to run up on stage and run her fingers along the gashes that the knives, tomahawks, and machetes had made during the performance.        


As the audience slowly filed out of the auditorium, Katherine hung back, waiting for them to leave.  After several minutes, the auditorium was   empty.  Katherine quickly looked around, and then slipped onto the stage.  She approached the board.  She could see the gashes in the painted wood.    The sight of the chipped wood sent chills of excitement through her.                


Katherine took another quick look around to see if anyone was watching.  The auditorium appeared to be empty.  Katherine stepped   forward, and placed her back and shoulders squarely against the board.  The feel of the gashes in the wood excited her. 


She looked at the table that held the throwing instruments.  They looked very dangerous, and yet very inviting.  Katherine closed her eyes, and began to wonder what it would be like to stand here while knives were thrown close to her body. “It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it.  You look like you were born to stand in front of the board.” Katherine jumped at the words.  She turned to see Morrigan standing a few feet away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”  Katherine blushed.  “Forgive me!  I shouldn’t be messing around with   your equipment.”  “It’s ok.  I won’t tell if you won’t.  I take it you have a desire to be a   target girl?”  Katherine’s blush deepened.  She nodded.  Morrigan stepped forward, and extended her hand.  “I’m Jenn Slater.    What’s your name?”  “I’m Katherine Harris.”  Katherine shook the woman’s hand.  


Morrigan suddenly got an idea.  “If you’d like I’ll ask the Reverend to throw a few knives around you.  He won’t mind.” Katherine thought about it for a minute, then agreed. Jenn left the stage area. Katherine stood there, unable to believe that she was going to go   through with this.  She wondered what her husband, Mike would think if he   knew what she was doing.  He’d probably tell her she was nuts, and would   Put an end to her trips to New York.       


Jenn reentered the stage a few minutes later.  Throwdini was right behind her.  Jenn introduced Katherine to the knife thrower.  They talked for a few minutes, then Jenn suggested that Throwdini let Katherine try a few tricks out.  Throwdini obliged her.  Katherine stood against the board, and held her breath, as the thrower, hurled knives around her. The blades seemed to reach out for her flesh, as if   to devour her life.  The sensation caused Katherine‘s heart to pound.  She felt every nerve in her body explode with excitement and fear.  Katherine couldn’t believe she was standing here, letting a stranger throw knives at her.      


Later that night, she lay in bed, holding the pamphlet that Throwdini had given her.  She couldn’t believe she’d stood there and let Throwdini throw knives at her.  She closed her eyes and conjured up the image of the knives coming at   her.  The powerful rush she’d gotten from acting as his target, was still   there.  She looked at the picture on the pamphlet, of Throwdini, and Jenn. They were standing in front of their wheel of death.  Throwdini was holding   several knives, and Jenn was holding one of the machetes that Throwdini   used in his act.  It was then that Katherine made up her mind. 

When she got   back home, she’d talk to Mike about taking up a new hobby.  After all, Mike   was a pitcher on his college baseball team.  He shouldn’t have any trouble mastering knife throwing.                  


(Three days later.)    “You want to do what!!!!”   Mike nearly fell over when Katherine told   him her idea.  “Honey, don’t get upset.  It’s just an idea.”  “It’s an insane idea.  There is no way I’m going to throw knives at   you.  I don’t even know how to throw a knife.”  Katherine held up the pamphlet.  “The Great Throwdini has a tape   and book set that covers all of that.  We can order it from him, and then you can begin practicing.          


Mike took the pamphlet from his wife, and began to look through it.  “Is this where you got this crazy idea?”  Mike started to rip the   pamphlet in half.  “No!!!”  Katherine screamed.  “If you tear that up, I’ll never speak to you again.”  Mike saw the expression on Katherine’s face, and realized that she   meant it.  “Honey, you can’t be serious about this.  Do you realize how   dangerous this is?  You could be injured, or killed.  I‘m not going to do   this.” Katherine stepped close to her husband.  She looked up at him.    “Honey, I know it’s dangerous.  I know that I could end up seriously   injured, or worse, I could get killed.  But don’t you see, that’s what makes   this so compelling.  There’s something about placing myself in harms way   that excites me.”                           


Katherine drew in a deep breath before continuing.  “I’ve got to be   honest with you.  When Throwdini threw those knives around me, I got   unbelievably turned on.  I wanted to run straight to the airport, come home, and make mad passionate love to you.”  Mike could tell that just talking about it was exciting his pretty wife.   He’d seen that depth of passion in her before.  He knew it wouldn’t go away   until it ran it’s course.  “Look, Hon,  even if I agreed to this, it could take a long for me to get   good enough to throw knives at you.  To be honest with you, I might never   be good enough.  Besides, I don‘t want to perform in front of people.”                       


Katherine shook her head.  “I don’t want to perform in public.  I just want to perform privately.  Just you and me.“   Katherine gave Mike her pitiful look.  “I’ll make you a deal.  If you’ll   give this a try for six months, and then decide that it isn’t going to work, I’ll   forget about it, and I won’t bring it up again.”  Mike looked down at the pamphlet, and then back at his obviously excited wife.   “All right!  I’ll give it six months.”  Katherine threw her arms around Mikes neck, and kissed him hard.  “I love you.”  “One thing though.  Where do we get the equipment?”  “Throwdini covered all of that in his book and video.”  “So, I guess we need to buy a book and video.”  Katherine stepped over to the couch, and reached under a throw   pillow.  She held up a package.  “Throwdini had them with him.  I went ahead and bought a packet.”  Katherine reached under the pillow a second time, and brought out a  set of ten matching throwing knives. “He also told me about a knife shop in New York, where I could find professional throwing knives.” Mike took the 16” daggers from his wife, and looked them over. They were heavy, and very dangerous looking.  He saw Katherine’s   expression, as she admired the blades. She was definitely getting turned on by them.  “I just hope you know what you’re getting yourself into?”             


Mike spent the next few months practicing with the knives.  He had   built a board, and had set it up in the basement.   Every night after work, he would go into the basement, and practice   for two hours.  Katherine would sit on the steps, and watch him practice.   Afterward, she would take him upstairs and make love to him.  The woman had become wild in her love making.  Mike began to look forward to his practice sessions.  He would come home, and find Katherine sitting on the couch, watching the video.  Sometimes he found her in the basement, standing against the board.    


Katherine would spend hours on the internet, looking up knife throwing sites.  She eventually found a knife throwing group called dangerous circus acts.  She would spend a lot of her free time looking through the pictures, and reading the stories.  When Mike came home from work, he would sometimes sit with his wife, and they’d go to the web sites together.  Usually within fifteen minutes of surfing, they would end up making love on the desk, in front of the computer.  Sometimes, they would make love in front of the knife board.  Katherine’s passion seemed to be even more powerful there.          


Katherine found and ordered a movie called The Girl on the Bridge. It was a movie about two people who satisfied their passions during their knife throwing act.  Mike and Katherine were soon making love on the couch, while they watched the movie.  As the months passed, Mike got better, until he felt he was almost good enough to let Katherine stand in front of the board.  But he didn’t want to push it.  After all, what they were planning to do was extremely dangerous, and Mike wanted to make sure he was ready.                      


Then one night Mike came home from work, to find Katherine sitting   on the couch, dressed in a long, clingy, silk robe. She was also heavily made up in stage makeup.  But what was the most striking was her hair.  She had it cut short, and wore it like the girl in the movie.  Mike felt a lump rise in his throat....  and in his trousers.                   “Hi honey,” she said cheerily.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I went   shopping today and I bought you something.”  Mike immediately realized that Katherine was up to something.  “And, what did you buy me?”  He asked, his eyes taking in his wife’s sexy new look. “I bought an outfit, for you to wear, when you practice.  It‘s laid out   on the bed.”  Mike gave Katherine, one last look, went upstairs, and found the outfit.  It was a white silk shirt, with ruffles up the front, a pair of black denim pants, and a pair of black leather boots.   Mike slipped out of his work clothes, took a shower, and tried the outfit on.  Mike quickly discovered that the shirt only buttoned up part way, leaving his hairy chest partially bare.  He looked at himself in the mirror.  “Woman, you are definitely up to something.”        


Mike returned to the living room.  Katherine’s robe was lying on the couch, but she was no where in sight.  He strode to the back of the house.  The basement door was wide open.  Mike slowly walked down the flight of stairs.  As he reached the bottom step, he looked at the board.  Katherine was standing in front of it.  She was dressed in a black lace bra, with matching panties, black fishnet stockings, that were held up by a black garter, and a pair of stiletto  heels.  The lump in Mike’s throat returned.  As did the other lump.  Katherine was standing in a classic knife thrower’s assistant’s pose, with her back to the board, her feet together, and her arms spread out, so she could hold the edges of the board.  “You look magnificent.”  Mike’s voice cracked.                          


Katherine smiled invitingly at her husband.  Her eyes burned with passion.  Mike stepped into the basement, and stopped next to the table where the knives lay.  “I don’t know if I’m ready to try this yet.”  Katherine didn’t say, a word.  She continued to smile at her husband.  Mike looked down at the knives.  They were laid out in a half moon shape, like the pros do.  “Maybe I should practice some more.”  Katherine didn’t move.  “I mean, it’s only been a few months, and I still do miss from time to time.”                      


Katherine’s smile broadened.  She gave him a look that said it all.  It was time.  Katherine had waited months for this day, and nothing was going to make her wait one more day.  She wanted this.  She yearned for this.                           “Throw knives at me, darling.”  Her voice was deep and husky.  Her body trembled with anticipation.  Mike knew he was in for the night of his life.  He reached down and picked up the knives.  He struggled to keep his hands from shaking.  Mike stepped into his usual spot, then looked up at Katherine.  When Mike saw the excited expression on her face, he nearly dropped his knives.   He’d never seen his wife this turned on before. “Are you ready?”  Stupid question.


He took the first knife in his left hand, and aimed at a spot, about six inches from Katherine’s left knee, and gave the knife a good hard throw.  It stuck about an inch higher than he’d intended. but it was a pretty good throw.   Katherine looked down at the blade, and then looked back up to her husband.  “Throw them closer.”  Mike gritted his teeth.  He knew she was behaving recklessly, and that he should refuse.  But the sight of his scantily clad wife standing in front of the board was just too much.  He threw the next knife next to her other knee.  This one landed two inches from her thigh, just above her knee cap.  Katherine’s eyes were filled with fire.  She held on tightly to the board, to keep from passing out from the pleasure she was feeling.  Mike threw two more knives.  Each knife sank into the wood, about an inch or so from Katherine’s hips.  She moaned deeply.  As Mike threw the fifth knife, he held his breath.  Mike felt it come out of his hand wrong, and he just knew Katherine was going to be hit.   Katherine realized that the knife was off, but she didn’t move.  The blade slid along Katherine’s right side, just below her rib cage.  Katherine gasped as she felt the weapon skim along her bare skin.  She smiled deeply.  “That was so incredible.  Oh honey, don‘t stop.”  “This is crazy,” 


Mike muttered beneath his breath, but he continued to throw the knives.  The next knife landed next to Katherine’s left breast.  He only had four more knives to throw.  He threw the next two knives on either side of his wife’s cheeks.   One blade landed a couple of inches away.  The other blade grazed the side of Katherine’s jaw. Mike wanted to quit.  This was getting to be too dangerous.  But for some reason he didn’t.  He realized that playing this dangerous game was exciting both of them.  There was something sexy and erotic about doing something this dangerous.  He threw the next knife.  It stuck just to the left of her ear.  He took careful aim and threw the final knife.  The blade had landed uncomfortably close to Katherine’s head.  Katherine stood there for a minute, and didn‘t move.  She was afraid that if she let go of the board, she’d collapse.  She looked the knives over, enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by them.  “That was wonderful.  I‘ve never felt so alive in my life.  Thank you honey.”  She sauntered over to her husband, eased her arms around his neck, and kissed him.  They spent the rest of the evening making love in front of the board.  the knives were still buried in the wood.         

Mike continued to practice with the knives. Katherine  would watch him as he practiced.  Finally, after another six months of practice, Mike felt comfortable enough to let Katherine stand in front of the board on a daily basis.  Their sex life had never been more passionate.  One night after an extremely intense night of passion, Mike sat down in front of the computer, and wrote a heart felt thank you email to Throwdini, and Morrigan.



The Dream