Gangs of New York VIDEO


The audience is calling for a command exciting exhibition
of skill, courage, daring and drama…the wheel of death.

The Butcher... "A command performance indeed. And for this I must beg the indulgence
of my former assistant in matters of impalement…the butcher’s original apprentice…
What do you say, Jenn? One more time for the sweet souvenir. Come on."

Jenn Everdeane comes up on stage. Bill puts a shawl over her shoulders.

THE BUTCHER..."Remember this."
JENN... Of course.

The Butcher throws two knives just over Jenn's shoulders, pinning the shawl.

THE BUTCHER...You may feel more comfortable without that garment Miss Everdeane.
JENN...You’ll have to filch me a new one Bill.
THE BUTCHER...Anything in your pockets tonight?
JENN...Oh, I ain’t started working yet.
THE BUTCHER...What about that locket I gave you?

The Butcher throws a knife at her as she takes it off. The locket falls to the floor.

THE BUTCHER...Apologies my dear. Pick it up.

The Butcher impales the locket with a knife.

THE BUTCHER...Woopsie Daisy. Now it’s good and broke. Can’t seem to get anything
right tonight…You got the sand to give ‘em a grand finale?
JENN...Maybe when you’re aiming a little straighter.