The following articles appeared in the BBC news, mostly about circus performer Jayde Hanson.
They are here to honor his achievement not to demean the minor accident that occurred on live
TV 2 days later. Several errors appear in the articles among which the truth emerges. Conflicting
articles state he threw 235 knives in two minutes, 121 knives in one minute 41 seconds, and
120 knives in two minutes
. The latter is a more realistic number, i.e., 1 knife/second, since on
the day of the incident he was up to 67 knives in 57 seconds. In some articles Jayde is credited
as throwing 60 mph. This is not possible as the realistic speed of a thrown knife is 30 mph.
For example, an obvious error in reporting... "Jayde, who holds the record of throwing 120 knives
around a human target in just two minutes - one every six seconds - had been invited to
demonstrate his prowess to mark National Circus Day."