AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Season 2 / 2007

(Taped: 2 stunts, 21 knives. Aired: 1 stunt, 3 knives)

(Taped: 4 stunts, 26 knives. Aired: 1 stunt, 2 knives)

Quotes from the Hollywood show 6/26/07 by Throwdini and the lovely, daring and
talented Target Girl Tina

Sharon: "Reverend David, do you throw anything else other than knives?"
TGT: "Tomahawks, axes and machetes."
Sharon: "Well then, it's a yes from me."
Piers: "Once I got over the shock you're a Reverend doing this, it was oddly enjoyable whilst slightly terrifying..."
... "It's a no from David so I've got to decide if I want this dangerous, creepy Reverend back..."
... "Reverend, you're going to Las Vegas."

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